Monday, July 4, 2011


It's been a long time since I've last stopped here. I've been keeping my African violets kind of small and stuck in solo cups to save space. I've also been badly neglecting them. Recently I've repotted most of them (over potted them actually). I've sort of given up trying to make them look perfect. My priority (other than work and photography) has been just keeping them alive. Also parting with those that just aren't passing the stress test or have decided to leave on their own.

I took a recent inventory of my hybrids. I've lost a few, but overall I can't really complain. (though I do miss A9. It was one of very few, if not the only one, that I knew to have notched petals and occurring spontaneously; not related to another hybridizer's project which I have seen some plants. I also liked the little crease in the center of the petals.)

Otherwise I have most of them. Some of the more plain ones I'm tossing to give space for the others. Anyways I am planning to upload new photos as each starts to bloom. Now that I gave them bigger pots I hope they do. Note: Many of these don't look their best because of neglect. It's hard to judge how they'd look if taken care of properly or even better yet grown for showing.

A12 "Porcelain Butterfly Wings"

Consistently blooms with smaller than average flowers. Same shape, color, etc. The petioles so far stay red. The red reverse comes and goes with the seasons. Leaf shape is consistent

B10 Butterfly Gossamer Pink

Still a heavy bloomer. Foliage is still very plain looking. Appears a little more prone to suckering.

B15 Butterfly Blue Eye

Two different plants of the same variety. The amount of blue and fluting is variable. I prefer the heavily fluted one left.


Not as scruffy this time. Leaves aren't wavy. Flowers better shaped. The pink base is the same. There is magenta mottling/overlay/fantasy.