Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm back.

It's a long wait between posts. I'm sorry. The move is complete and my violets are adjusting. I still have way more than I can provide light for.

I'm in the process of taking photos of my hybrids for update pictures.  My focus right now is the D batch (Rhapsodie Stephanie x Ness' Fantasy Gold)  So far those are really shaping up. They started off plain, but now have surpassed the other two batches (C and E) growing as far as interesting foliage.  It's  too soon to say, but I suspect Ness' Fantasy Gold carries the recessive gene for straight non wavy leaves.  The bulk of the offspring are showing wavy, but there are a few that aren't showing the characteristic wavy foliage of NFG.

Anyways there are about 40 of them to take pictures and post. I think I'll just upload them to my photobucket and post the link rather than try to include all in one post.