Thursday, October 11, 2012

271 Oh My

Just keeping rough count of my E batch. B26 x Woodland Sprite. I'm trying something new for this batch; Taking large clear flat Bella bins (28 qt), lining them with soil and then planting each of the seedlings inside. I still have the 14, no make that 15 in the ice cube tray. Those are added to the count. The 15th was one that sprouted in the tray. I'm hoping this will save me a lot of space opposed to individual solo cup planting. That will still need being done eventually, but hopefully this will put it off just a little longer.

Hopefully now they will be done sprouting new ones. I pretty much buried any unsprouted seed when I repotted all the sprouts. I'm getting tired of seeing more E seedlings, lol. After all I'm expecting rather bland flowers. The cross was really just a fertility test with a single dropper. Well it passed the "control", but none of the non droppers crossed with it so far yielded a seedpod.

That said I really am enjoying the foliage. I got a number of wide lilypad-like leaf varieties with textured edges and mild quilting. I hope to get a picture up some time.

P.S.: If I seem kinda quiet on this blog, my attention is focused on getting ready to move. I'll be moving into a much smaller place than my grandma's house, so getting my plants packed up and finding room to fit them is a concern.