Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crosses Fingers

Mother: "Namely Nancy" (8150) 01/30/1995 (A. Miller) Single-semidouble light lavender two-tone sticktite large ruffled star. Variegated dark green, cream and pink, ovate, quilted, scalloped/red back. Large

Father: "Butterfly Bombshell" (B28) (Descendent of Stephanie, 1995 x UltraViolet Unknown, 1996)

Date of cross: 12/19/11

Variegated Seedpod. Awww. How cute!

I find amusing how Nancy droops her pollenated blooms underneath her leaves. Out of sight. She's hiding them from me.

If all goes well I should have some seeds.

I expect:
-100% Tommy Lou variegation (mother inherited trait)
-50% stars
-Solid colors or 2 tone shades
- mostly red backed leaves
-3/4th non droppers (Will find out if any are carriers for the dropper gene)
-50% standard and 50% large??? (I forgot which size is dominant) I prefer standard to large.

-Non Blue lavenders and pinks.
-Coral colors??
-Fluted petals - (not sure on percent)
- Speckling????
- thin geneva edge???? (B28 sometimes blooms with a slight light outline)

- Get B28's Bloom shape on vareigated leaves
- Get a heavier bloomer with stronger bloom stalks than NN
- see what interesting recessives I get. (Hoping for darker coral colors)

Overall feel: Not sure if there will be much variety of colors, but I could be proven wrong. It may be easier for me to focus on what to keep vs, what to throw (or give away to random people. Or better yet to throw at people, LOL)

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