Monday, August 27, 2012

Seedling Update

The long awaited post showing my seedlings has finally come. Photos taken Yesterday.

Starting with Batch C: (ButterflyBombshell x self)

Wow. Oh My. Have they grown? 

Before I know it, they will need their own containers. At that point they will be assigned their #'s in the order I plant them. If one dies in the transplanting process, then the next one (if I have some late ones) get assigned that number. At least that's what I did with the past two batchs This is a small batch of about 12-14. The seedpod dried up prematurely. (like within 2.5-3 months after pollination.) Most are growing out their 2nd set of true leaves. I'm starting to see their personalities. I also get an idea if the reverse will be colored.  Colors all look medium green, with one being slightly lighter. My favorite is still the wide leaf with the clearly serrated edges. The"U" shape curve hints that it may turn out to be wavy to slightly wavy.

Side notes: I notice differences between how some are unfolding their new leaves. Some have a clear crease along the center of the leaf and some do not.

Batch D (Rhapsodie. Stephanie x Ness Fantasy Gold)

(I forgot to take a photo yesterday of this batch, so I'll try to get one soon.)

Catching up fast. They are starting on their 1st set of true leaves. Already I've spaced them apart.

I don't remember when the seedpod dried up. I forgot about the plant for a while. I suspect the pod made it to 4 months at least. No visible favorites yet. Lots of smooth edges so far. I expect a high number of wavy. NFG is wavy. R. Stephanie produced a high number of wavy in the past. In future tests, I'd like to see if she hides a wavy leaf gene. For now I'm waiting to see the true leaves grow out more.

Side notes: I notice one cotyledon often continues to grow along with the leaves. The other tends to remain smaller.

Batch E (B26 x Woodland Sprite)

Oh my! Oh Dear. Oh No. What am I going to do?

I. did. NOT. need. Every. Damn. Seed. to. Sprout. Okay, maybe not all, but there sure is a lot of green goin' on. Over 50 and not done sprouting yet!

They are too small for most hybridizers to consider spacing apart. I had to get started. There's no way they are going to make it growing that close together.  I'll have to do what I did with my B batch; make up 2 (or more) containers and space the sprouts into those.

Side notes:  The pod never dried out at all. Around the 4 month mark, the pod opened itself and started dumping the seed on the leaves below. The seeds in this pod appeared larger and harder than the seeds I saw in the pods that dried up first.

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