Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How many seeds are in an African violet pod?

I'm really curious.

I just divided up my E batch. There was a lot.

I had this.

Divided them up and spaced them out.

There still wasn't room to fit them all.

I lost count at 225. There still looked like a good 20 more at least. Add to that, I found many day 1 sprouts. What a tangled mess to sort through.

I mangled their roots trying to get them separated. The poor things. I'm not sure all 225 + will make it.  And I am not sure I want them all to either.  What will I do with them all?  Fortunately for this batch, there shouldn't be a whole lot of interesting to make it worth saving every. damn. one.

I'll have to cross the bridge when it comes. Future plans involve either giving away a lot or possibly exposing them to some kind of pathogen and see what (if any) survives.  Granted I ended up overwatering the tray, I may get to see this early.  Hopefully not.  I'm leaving the container open to let the excess water evaporate.


  1. Wow. I grew African Violets when I was in grad school. So nice to see them again. They are what got me started into the gardening hobby. Lots of memories of those day. So nice to find your Blog. Here on the shores of Lake Michigan I now spend my time in the outdoors gardens with the lake as a backdrop. I'll have to get some violets for the Winter. Jack

  2. Your African violet seedlings look amazing. I had made several attempts to sprout my sees to no avail. How did you sprout yours? Thanks

  3. Replies
    1. I didn't buy the seeds. I grew my own by pollinating one of my African violets. There are guides you can look up with how to do so. Warning: it takes a long time, like a min of 3-4 months from the time of pollination to the time you can plant the seeds. I've also come across empty pods, where it looks like pollination took, but when you open the pod, there's nothing to be found.