Wednesday, September 5, 2012

African Violet Art

The MN Av Club is looking for more funds and I am looking for ways to hobby, I mean help pay the rent, keep me alive besides my day job, lol.

An idea is born. AV art.  I want it to be original. One of my friends happened to have some polyamer clay stored in his house. (fimo, premo, kato, and scupty III)

That got me started on a project. I made some molds by casting some of my African violet leaves (very carefully!). It took a few tries, but eventually I got a few good castings with minimal breakage showing on the mold.

Then the clay:  I like to mix things. Probably a bad Idea, Idk.  I mixed together a bunch of transparent clays; kato, fimo, and cernit and mixed in watercolor paint to give pigment.  With that as a base color, I pressed the clay into the molds. Some will be painted using acrylic and watercolor blends (sealed of course) and some covered with embossing powder ( thanks to Layl McDill for the suggestion!)

These are what resulted:
Top left and clockwise: clay base unpainted, opaque embossing powder, (2 leaves) painted with watercolor and sealed, 3rd leaf: same process, made to look like the reverse side, left leaf: pearl embossing powder.

These are magnets. Some will be made into broaches. More to come for the fall show in October. if that goes well, there will be some more available to buy at the HarMar Mall show next year.

P.S. If you're wondering. Yes, all leaves were harmed in the process. Not to fear, they were leaves that could be groomed off anyway.

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