Sunday, September 30, 2012


Does anyone know of some really good African violet/ gesneriad blogs and sites? I just thought it would be nice to get a blog roll going or something to make it easier to find blogs related to the subject. And maybe get a little shameless self promotion going in the process?

Just because the post looks rather empty without a photo. Here's a photo of Butterfly Bombshell. Enjoy!

And here's another with it's offspring. Well okay not exactly this plant's offspring. This one is a 2nd gen leaf clone from the original that I used.  But that one I'm in process of restarting from a crown cutting. There's not much to see there.
IDK how that green bar got in the photo. Appears to be a  glitch in photoshop when I opened the file and resized it. Just ignore it.

That plant is however the seed parent plant of a seedpod waiting and ready to be planted ( x Ness Fantasy Gold)


  1. Connecting..I must say this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing blogs on African violets I have seen. That said the content is also interesting and well done. Would you mind if I added you to my blogroll? My site is Totally dedicated to chimera African violets. Regards.

  2. I've just started an AV blog and have searched for others. I've listed some of what I've found on the side. I started over in August and so Enthusiastic Newbie still applies. I've killed about as many as I've grown. Wish there were others in the area. According to the AVSA affiliate guy there are 4 of us in 100 miles+ including me :)